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Curcuma Turmeric Soap Qty 3

Curcuma Soap Turmeric ( 85g ) FREE SHIPPING
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Acne, dry skin, blemish control and capturing Free Radicals.

Curcuma is not only a well known antioxidant agent but it is also a natural, 
exfoliator that helps scrub away dead skin cells to increase smoothness of your skin. 
Revealing younger and healthier skin,

One of the body's greatest enemies are Free Radicals. 
They cause damage to our skin, through oxidation, aiding the aging process, 
and leaving us with drier, more wrinkled skin. 
Curcuma has been shown to reduce the damaging effects of Free Radicals, 
by capturing them before they can inflict too much damage, 
and slowing the natural aging process. With the absence of harmful chemicals, 
this soap is ideal for gently cleansing the skin, leaving it soft to the touch, 
and beautiful to the eye, without the toxic effects of chemical additives.

New formula with Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant
Help to tighten the skin
Reduces the whitening skin rash reduce acne and clean skin firming after every bath
Special - old fragrant
Full value of curcumin and vitamin E

Made In: Thailand

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