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Atomy Hair & Body Set ( 4ps )

Atomy Hair & Body Set ( 4ps ) Made In: Korea Free Shipping
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Natural substances extracted from various herbs keep the scalp, hair and body healthy, moisture-and-nutrition-balanced, and glossy.
The Luxurious Atomy Hair Care Line, An Excellent Choice For Clean & Beautiful Hair,
Get fresh, Silky & Smooth Hair With Atomy Hair Shampoo.

Herbal Shampoo
Maintenance Of Hair Health,Hair Cleanliness, Hair Texture Adjustment.

Scalp Cleanliness: removes wastes and contaminants with Herbal Natural.

Hair Adjustment: Protects Damaged hair texture with various effective.

Scap Health: Atomy Product Saengmodan makes the scap Health.

Herbal Treatment Cuticle Care

Atomy herbal hair pack is developed for those who struggle with rough hair,

Split ends,and easily damaged helpsresolve hair trouble with softness.
Hair Treatment Liquid:
Daily liquid treatment to keep scalp clean
Helps remove waste within pores.
Balanced treatment to maintain healthy hair sanitary aids.
Body Cleanser:
High cleansing effect
Rich moisturizing.
Healhy Skin Care
Nourishment Of Organic Herbs.

Made In : Korea

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